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The Golden Nuggets!!!

Profitable Markets Revealed


Niche marketing is like taking a journey through an alternate route, or less travelled path

only to discover countless goldmines along the way.

With each stop, you harvest as much gold as you can carry while continue to explore

what lies ahead.

You aren't following the crowd, or elbowingyour way through thick competition, but

instead, are able to generate non-stop profits from some of the smaller markets that are

often overlooked by the 'big guns'.

The biggest misconception regarding niche marketing is that there is less money in it

than with the larger, mainstream markets.

In truth, if you approach niche marketing the right way, you can actually make MORE

money in LESS time than with any of the larger markets because when there's less

competition, it's far easier to pentrate markets and target your customer base.

The Explosive Niches report will help you start that journey into profitable niche

markets. I'll show you how to find the true gems, while avoiding the most common

mistakes made by new niche marketers.

Let's begin!


The Golden Nuggets

Do you know why so many new marketers aren't able to build a profitable business


They are far too busy chasing after that pot of gold that they've heard lies at the

end of the rainbow.

We know that the shortest path between two points is a straight line, right?

So why do we convulute the process and over-complicate things when it comes to

building a successful online business as a niche marketer?

We simply need to get back to basics, focusing on two important factors:

1) We find niche markets with existing buyers.

2) We find niche markets with existing sellers.

Whether you plan to develop your own niche information product or you are interested

in making money with affiliate campaigns, you always want to venture into markets that

are easy to penetrate, have been proven to be profitable and continue to be viable

(evergreen) over the long run.

Where there are buyers, there is money to be made, and whether you believe it or not,

some of the more profitable niche markets are so obscure and small that they're often

overlooked as not being 'viable', when in fact, they are bursting at the seams with avid,

hungry buyers!

As we begin our journey into finding profitable niche markets, stop to ask yourself.

'What are people desperate for?' or 'What do people REALLY need?'

By answering that question, you'll be able to tap into countless profitable niche markets,

because when it comes to what people NEED rather than what they WANT, you've got

yourself some hungry, desperate buyers who will anxiously purchase instant solutions

or remedies to their questions and concerns.

You've probably heard of just how profitable 'desperate markets' is and there's good

reason for this. Markets that are considered desperate are not only easier to target but

easier to sell to.

* That person desperate to get rid of her acne quickly.

* That mother frustrated by not being able to potty train her toddler.

* That guy who will do anything to win his ex back.

When NEED is there, rather than just desire, you've got a winning niche. Combine that

with a laser targeted campaign that provides a solution to their problem and you'll never

struggle to make money again.

So how do we find these desperate, hungry niche markets?

Here's how..

Finding Profitable Niche Markets

One of the most important things you can do is first evaluate and identify niche markets

that encompass three major elements:

1) You can easily identify exactly who your audience is.

2) There are motivated, active buyers in the niche market.

3) You are able to get your marketing message across to your audience.

There’s no sense in trying to find an untapped niche market. There are few of them out

there and those that exist would take a lot of work in order to penetrate.

Then, you’d have to condition buyers, research angles and test out different campaigns

and approaches before you determine what was successful.

Forget about that! It’s always easier to make money in niches that are already proven

to be profitable, and that is what you need to focus on.

You always want to conduct as much research about your markets as possible however,

so that you can really understand what your target audience is interested in and create

compelling campaigns that ‘speak their language’.

You want to know:

- What people are currently buying

- Where there are any potential market gaps for products you could create

- How much of a demand exists in the market

- What your customer base is most interested in, concerned with, needing help with.

In other words, pay attention to who you are selling to before you determine what you

are going to sell and your campaigns will be successful.

It's likely that you've already got most of the research you need right in your own

memory bank. Think about the general health market and then dissect it so that you

have 10-15 health related niches to evaluate.

Health – General / Broad Market

Segments include:

- How to lose weight

- How to prevent /cure acne

- Gout

- Menopause

- Pregnancy

Rinse and repeat this formula with any broader topic and you'll likely find a handful of

desperate markets.

Relationships – General/Broad Market

Segments include:

* Get your ex back

* Avoid Divorce/ Repair Marriage

* Improve Sex Life

* Pick Up Women / Men

These are desperate markets that consist of highly motivated prospects who are

anxiously looking for a solution or answer to their problem.

Keep in mind that the best markets consist of buyers who are looking to relieve their

pain whether emotional, physical or mental.

Another easy way to find and evaluate niche markets is by using a handful of free

reosurces online, including:

Yahoo! Buzz

Google Zeitgeist

Offers access to Google Trends, Trends for Websites, Hot trends and more:

You can choose to research specific areas or locations (if you were interested in

targeting the US market, you could adjust your search query to only include US results),

or you can search globally. You're simply looking for broad ideas and potential niche

markets that you can later evaluate closely.

Don't overlook other resources for finding hot niche markets including popular

magazines through , books via, hot searches

through and through digital marketplaces including

You'll be able to come up with enough niche ideas to keep you busy for years!

When it comes to evaluating niche markets, you also have to pay attention to relevant


Keywords help you define who your customer base really is.

If you created a website featuring a product on starting a Cake Decorating business

from home, simply focusing on the keywords “Cake Decorating” wouldn’t necessarily

draw in targeted traffic because not everyone looking for Cake Decorating tips is

interested in starting their own home based Cake Decorating business.

Some may just want to explore new cake decorating techniques or recipes and would

not be part of our target market.

However, if you know what keywords people who are really interested in creating a

Cake Decorating business are entering into the major search engines, you can separate

those people from the rest of the herd and effectively target your customer base by

matching your keyword based marketing campaigns with the exact keywords they are


That’s the importance of keywords; to drill down into your niche market so that you are

directly targeting your customer base, rather than just a broader niche market.

When it comes to evaluating the profitability of a market before you set off to create your

own info-product or promote existing products as an affiliate marketer, keywords can

also help you determine exactly how profitable the market is, as well as how much

competition exists within the market.

So, begin by evaluating potential markets. Then, work towards evaluating the products

featured within each niche market and finally, evaluate the level of competition.

Determine whether the niche is penetrable and if there is a fresh new angle that you can

take to stand out in the marketplace.

Then, build targeted campaigns around promoting niche products or develop your own

original information product to cater to the ever-growing demand.

Use keywords to better target your customer base, and to serve as the foundation for all

of your marketing campaigns.

Niche marketing is a very lucrative arena to be a part of, so jump in, do your research

and get started!

To your success,

Swipe File Of Desperate Markets

To help you get started, here is my personal swipe file of desperate markets.

Take some to further research each topic and start building your niche marketing


Desperate Markets: Health


Morning Sickness

Teeth Whitening

Excessive Sweating



Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Weight Loss (sub niches including eliminating love handles, beer belly, post pregnancy

weight loss, man boobs, eliminating stretch marks, acai berry, etc)

Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Yeast Infection (Thrush)


Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Halitosis (bad breath)

Nail Fungus

Removing/Preventing Warts

Removing / Preventing Painful Boils

Cold Sores (recurring cold sores)

Acid Reflux (heartburn)

Cure Hemorrhoids

Bacterial Vaginosis


Anxiety/Stress/Panic Attacks

Pregnancy, Infertility


Eliminating Tinnitus


Stop Snoring


Angular Cheilitis

Restless Legs

Premature Ejaculation

Desperate Markets: Finance

Debt Consolidation, Credit Repair

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Securing a Mortgage

Preventing/Dealing with Foreclosure

Work At Home (securing telecommuting positions, online work)

Finding a Job (offline, resumes, preparing for interviews)

Desperate Markets: Misc

Pest Control

Parenting help (colic baby, teething problems, etc)

Dental Pain (home based remedies, etc)

Penis Enlargement

Body Odor

Bed Wetting

Hair Replacement

Facial Hair Elimination (focusing on women)

Increasing Height

Anti Aging

Nail Biting

Quit Smoking

Desperate Markets: Relationships

Get Your Ex Back

Marriage Repair

Dating (online dating, approaching women, pheromones, confidence, seduction guides,


For additional niche and topic ideas, visit the Clickbank marketplace and browse the

“Health & Fitness” category.