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Posted by Dr Sam Driver on February 27, 2012 at 7:20 PM

minded people and marketers in them. You can do

community networking in just about any online group.

Your goal, plain and simple, is to talk to people about what you have to offer.

You can find people by doing searches and contacting them based on the information in their profiles. It sometimes takes a bit of work to find people's

email addresses, but with Google and cross checking on the Net, the

people you would like to talk to can be found. If you know they are already

online marketers (or not), and then gauge your approach accordingly.

Community networking can accomplish business development, sales, general

marketing, recruiting, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, strategic alliances,

joint ventures etc. Business development and community networking are closely related.

Community networking is about partnerships. You are striving for a coming together, or meeting of the minds. You want to explore the relationship to see if it can be mutually beneficial, and if the answer is yes, then you work together to make that happen. It is always easier and less threatening to talk about partnering rather than purchasing something.The relationships you are working on developing are an end, not just a means to an end. However, despite the relationship aspects of your approach to your prospect, your ultimate goal is still a sale of some sort.

The traditional point of view for the sales relationship you have with

prospects is that the success of any sales person is measured in sales, not

relationships. That's what's wrong with most traditional online marketing

approaches. The relationship part is missing. People delete marketing

messages from people they don't know, and don't have a relationship with.

If, on the other hand, you do have a relationship, chances are they will

always open an email from you. That is why your focus needs to be on the

relationship itself and not just the short-term objective of a sale.

What other things can you be doing to establish a relationship while you are

community networking? Research your market, and listen more than you talk. Marketing groups are usually really candid with their opinions about things. This is valuable information for you.

Be viewed as an expert in your field and this will give you more social

standing and greater access to your audience. Speak up and out in a forum,blog, mailing list, and reach untold numbers of people. Talk about what you know the best, and if you make it original or thought provoking, you'll be quoted and linked to. That is great exposure! By the way, while you are at it,

include your business name/site/blog link in every signature in every email, every Web transaction you do and in every profile you create. Invaluable exposure.

Word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire through social networks. Make use of that fact when community networking and you will soon have the world beating a path to your door to find out what you have to offer.

Phone Marketing

Phone marketing scares many people, and with good

reason. In a lot of cases, you're talking to someone you do

not know and cannot read over the phone. The added

disadvantage is you cannot see their face. However, with

phone marketing, if you pay attention to how people

respond to you, and listen to what they are saying and how

they are saying it, you can become quite adept at reading a prospect / customer over the phone.

The biggest fear to overcome is the fear of the unknown on the other end of the line, fear of what they will say or do. Most people are willing to talk to you particularly if they opted in to get a phone call in the first place. So really all that you have to do is talk!

This is easier than you might think. Try the following in a conversational manner, not in sales pitch mode. Substitute words that you think would work better for you and your style.

Hi (name). This is (your name) calling from (your city). (Name)

this is just a short courtesy call, but you stopped by my web site

and filled out a form asking for information about developing an

income from home.

Do you remember doing that?

(Wait for the answer even if there is a moment of silence) Perfect!

I just wanted to give you a quick call to introduce myself. And to

fill you in a bit on our (product/service/opportunity) and let you

know why this opportunity would appeal to you – because it has

no other competition in the network marketing industry – and that

is VERY unique and unusual.

So how serious are you about developing an income from home?

WAIT FOR THE ANSWER – it will tell you tons of things about the person you are talking to. If they ask if this an MLM scheme – right away you know you do not want to work with this person. If they say, well sort of, but how hard do I have to work, your reply would be something like this: "You know what, I don't think this opportunity is really suited for you. Thanks for your time." And then, you MOVE ON! You cannot force someone into being interested or wanting to work, they either do or they don't.

IF however you get a response like – I'm very serious, really serious or words to that effect, you move into part two of your phone call and say: Perfect! Do you have about 5 minutes for me to give you some

information about our (product/service/opportunity)?

WAIT FOR ANSWER. If they say YES – move on to the following

"I am a member of (your group/your business etc). And I have

some interesting information for you about (group/business/

product). Are you ready to hear what we are all about?


If it's NO, fine move on. If YES, then here is where you present a brief

version of your product/company/services etc. You need to have all this

written out like a script or you will lose track of where you are. When you are done, ask:

Pretty interesting concept right?


If the answer is no, move on. If the answer is yes, invite them to join your team/business/buy your product.

Some areas of a call like this may go off the rails, but you're talking to a person who will have questions, and that's the good thing. So long as you know your products, your business plan and your team, you can talk to anyone about what you do.

Bottom line is this, talk to the person like you were talking to someone sitting across the table from you over lunch or coffee. If your prospect isn't interested or doesn't want what you are offering, then that is their choice.

There is no sense in arguing with them otherwise. If you do, you will become another one of those annoying Internet marketers who don't understand what the word NO means.

Accept a no with grace and dignity. In most cases it is not a personal

rejection. Leave it be and accept their decision for what it is. You will gain far more points in the long run by respecting their desires. You can always re-visit the proposition again later. Sometimes no only means no, not right now.

Don't by any means try and bribe them into joining you with promises of unlimited income, or a promise that it is SO easy to earn money or build a business with you. Why not? Because the simple truth of the matter is that building a business is hard work. Be honest and up front. Yes, it takes hard work, but you will be there to help them succeed.

Bounce Backs

Bounce backs are used in response to someone sending you information on a business opportunity. You need to respond to them on a personal level with a short and to the point note, as they are obviously actively marketing and you could use them for your team/business. To get opportunities like this, add your business email to a FREE auto responder test site. Many of these sell the emails and you can get on hundreds of lists in no time flat.

An auto responder, is an mail utility that automatically sends a reply to an email message. They send back information on a topic without having the requester do anything more than provide an e-mail address. They are also used to send a confirmation that the message has been received. A lot of bounce back emails wind up in your bulk folder or in your spam filter box depending on which email service you use and how aggressive their filters are.

Getting On Lists

Do a search for specific target markets you're familiar with, or general searches for business opportunities. Keep track of the URLs you have visited and signed up for so you don't subscribe twice to the same list. Don't just use one engine to search, because different engines will return different results. Try these engines:

ht t p://www.go o g l e .c o m

ht t p://www.yah o o .c o m

ht t p://www. l yc os .c o m

ht t p://www.ho t b ot .c o m

ht t p://www.a l t a v i s t a.c o m

ht t p://www.ove r t ure . c o m

Search Terms You Can Use

Try some of these, but you can get creative and do other

searches as well. Some of the following search terms are

classified as Spam by filters. If you bounce back on emails

from those who reply using these headings, be

prepared to check your filtered e-mail and hope their email

accepts your reply.

Home Based Business

Business Opportunity

Working From Home

How To Make Money From Home

Network Marketing

Party Plan Companies

Direct Sales Companies

If the return email gives you a website to view but the email address they sent with the website link looks bogus, check the web site and see if you can find their real email address. You might find additional name information on their website. Once you have viewed their email, and their website, you'll have a feel for the people you are emailing.

Google their names and see what else they might be promoting online. How they lay their e-mail out and what they say will give you an idea of how much or how little marketing experience they have. This is another good thing for you to know when you draft your e-mail to them.

You have the basics on how to get going with bounce backs, and what to say when you start responding to them. The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Happy affiliate marketing!

Dr Sam Driver

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